A list of challenges dedicated to a particular author.

Andrews, V. C.

V. C. Andrews Challenge

Austen, Jane

Everything Austen Challenge

Bronte, multiple

All About the Brontes

Card, Orson Scott

Cardathon Challenge

Christie, Agatha

Agatha Christie Challenge

Collins, Wilkie

Wilkie Collins Mini-Challenge

Defoe, Daniel

Daniel Defoe Mini-Challenge

Dessen, Sarah

Sarah Dessen Challenge

Sarah Dessen Mini-Challenge

Elliot, George

George Elliot Challenge

Gaiman, Neil

Dream King Challenge

Gaskell, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Gaskill Mini-Challenge

Heyer, Georgette

Georgette Heyer Mini-Challenge

Jackson, Lisa

Lisa Jackson Challenge

King, Stephen

Stephen King/Richard Bachman Challenge

Michener, James

Michener Challenge

Montgomery, L. M.

Montgomery Mini-Challenge

Morrison, Toni

Toni Morrison Mini-Challenge

Nix, Garth

Garth Nix Mini-Challenge

Patterson, James

James Patterson Reading Challenge

Plaidy, Jean

Jean Plaidy Challenge

Pratchett, Terry

Terry Pratchett 2010 Challenge

Scott, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Scott Mini-Challenge

Shakespeare, William

Much Ado About Shakespeare

Smith, L. J.

L. J. Smith Challenge Phase 1

Steinbeck, John

John Steinbeck Mini-Challenge

Tolstoy, Leo

Tolstoy Mini-Challenge

Trollope, Anthony

Let’s Trollope

Trollope Mini-Challenge

Westerfeld, Scott

Scott Westerfeld Mini-Challenge


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